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Ok, its apparently official,  according to a few days ago the U.S. Government added a page to their cancer advice website highlight the positive effects of cannibinoids and encourages one to smoke, eat in baked goods, or spray under the tongue for treatment.

Well, regardless of political stances I feel like this is sort of the be all end all of the argument.  WE finally found what cures cancer and it’ illegal…. ok well make it legal….done.   As much as I am not for it as these studies begin to pour out it makes it difficult to argue against,  I obviously don’t want people to die which is why I’m against it in the first place. That being said we have always used it in a medicinal capacity with limitations, I don’t know if this would be any different or the amounts one would have to consume to begin killing cancer cells.  As best as I can tell all these studies have been done in mice and I have not found any conclusive evidence or studies published about humans.  So I don’t know if its something that can be administered along with chemo treatments or if the doc walks in the room and says” Im sorry Johnny, you have cancer, go home and smoke your brains out every day……”

I guess we will see how this progresses along with the upcoming election.



Hemp, weed, pot, grass….. such earthy names given to this plant, well it is a plant after all.  I  always found it fascinating that God would make such interesting things come out of the ground that had such powerful affects.  Though I suppose it should be just as fascinating as the vast amounts of flavors that he created throughout all of the other elements that come from the ground.

weed 2


I suppose if you are younger and reading this that it may actually be a great time to go in to the field of botany.  I have a feeling many will be needed in the future to keep coming up with new types of grass.  The same way the everyone today is going into the medical field so in another 30 years agriculturalists will be in high demand because no one is going in to that field now.

This is where all my haters are going to come out of the woodwork.  Now I know I have yet to reveal whether or not I am for or against the legalization of the pot, though I’m sure you have figured it out.  I am personally not a fan, and one of my biggest oppositions is the in favor argument that is the title of this blog.  Everybody that I have ever had a conversation with about this topic says the same thing.  “Well, statistically pot is the cause of much less harm than alcohol is, and alcohol is legal, so why shouldn’t pot be legal.”  This statistic that is referenced is commonly a D.U.I. statistic as to what the inhibiting drug was in the case of the automobile wreck that resulted.

So here are my rebuttals to this argument.

  1.  Alcohol is readily more available and maybe even more intoxicating in smaller amounts.  It has also been around for a lot longer so there are many, many years of stats to pull from.  We haven’t had any control test done where weed was as readily consumed as alcohol without consequence and then we saw who could drive and who couldn’t.  Believe it or not things being illegal does prohibit people from partaking in that practice or product.  If tattoos were illegal, would as many people have them?  If you said yes, then just go bang your head against a wall, because that’s all you’re really good for anyway.   While on the topic of tattoos, even though there hasn’t been a questions of legality, up until recently it would cost you a possible hire at a job interview if your tattoos showed.  Now, not so much.  It’s almost a non issue now, so as society allows for the freedom to do something the people that participate increase.  That’s how it works.
  2. Other than the fact that there is not any credible statistics to back up the comment, there just seems to be flawed logic in the making of that claim.  Arguing for the use of something to be ok because its not as bad as something else.  Its like saying I didn’t shoot the the sheriff because I shot the deputy.  I only tortured him, it’s not like I killed the guy.  Committing or performing lesser degrees of evil does not make it less evil in and of itself.  So I don’t understand the argument: it’s ok to take this drug because its not as strong as this other drug.  They are both drugs, neither is ok.  The only difference maker in the levels of what harmful drugs are allowed and to what extent are whether or not the government has figured out how to profit off of it.

OK, I’m off my soapbox, and frankly, I feel a little better.

Does anyone other than me find it slightly odd to smoke something that’s called a weed.  Weeds do not have a positive connotation last time I checked though there is no slowing people down.  I guess that shouldn’t really surprise me, I mean there’s a warning label on cigarettes that says “This will KILL you” and that doesn’t stop people. Still there’s a little piece of me that still wonders at the attraction to the feelings provided by smoking a plant.  weed 3

Did you ever wonder why every other sports team in America has had to change their names from offensive terms to non offensive, except the Ole Miss Rebels?  Well its because they are the Government’s favorite university.  Why? You ask.  Because Ole Miss has been Uncle Sam’s pot grower since 1968 and the government just paid them 69 million dollars to expand their operation!  Don’t believe me, check it out here for the Time magazine article.

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Marijuana and its affect on our culture today is a fascinating thing, no other plant or tree has caused this sort of riff in a country or culture before.  But people want to feed a habit that makes them feel good, and the Feds want to make money on it.  I guess that’s the cycle isn’t it.  Sad but true, to quote Metallica.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, and this is a political ranting blog about the legalization of pot, weed, sweet Mary Jane in our United States of A.  The landscape of the country is currently split on the issue with the pro side currently gaining traction and making some headway.  Unless something absolutely disastrous happens that can be directly blamed to the fact that pot was legally used and therefore resulted in said catastrophe, there is no reason to believe that the recreational legalization of marijuana will not prevail in the coming years.  Now, am I for that or against that?  Does it matter?  I mean at this point the course is set and unless they have a planned parenthood incident the end result seems pretty clear.  Look, not to get off topic but even as disgusting and heinous as the planned parenthood issues are, abortions is slowing down, or going anywhere.   I personally see that issue on a whole other more serious level than the pot discussion.  But for the sake of it we will discuss some aspects of this debate in my coming posts.weed 5